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  • Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

    Sakshee Sunil Sarrawgi

    Marketing strategist, writer and feminist with a flair for detail, a knack for storytelling and a hint of humour.

  • Jamie Russo

    Jamie Russo

    Unconventional advice for aspiring creatives, written short at goodnote.substack.com. Author of The Underdog Paradox, Medium Top Writer, and Essayist.

  • Doug Foo

    Doug Foo

    Tech Manager by Day, ML Hacker by Night β€” founder: foostack.ai

  • Recruit CRM

    Recruit CRM

    Recruit CRM builds cloud-based software for the Global Recruitment & Staffing Industry. We are on a mission to help recruitment firms grow faster effortlessly.

  • Mustafa Sibai

    Mustafa Sibai

  • Taeyun Oh

    Taeyun Oh

  • Xin Xin

    Xin Xin

    🌈 Moonlighting as a writer. Love is all there is, that is what my mom taught me.

  • Joseph Serwach

    Joseph Serwach

    Story + Identity = Mission. Author, Writer: Journalism, Leadership Culture, Communications, Religion, Education, History. Inspiration: Catholic, Polish.

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